Sarah Williams


Are You Willing to Take Responsibility for your Intimate Well-Being?

The session is personalised and customised to you, based upon your intention, your needs and desires. You will be continuously supported and empowered to find out and ask for what you want, so that you can take full responsibility for your embodied and heartfelt choices. This actively engaging process rolls out via the Mindful Embodiment of the Intimate Self process as detailed on this site.


Isobella, Youth Worker, 32

The Goddess Honouring Experience involves a great deal of mutual responsibility, it's like agreeing a contract and accepting its terms. Our safety, emotional comfort and well-being are of paramount importance at all times: before, during and after a session. These terms will be communicated to you in detail when you decide you want to have a session with me.


What if Receiving is Much More than Accepting Touch?


The session is without a shadow of a doubt centred in you and in your nourishment. To start with, the primary intention of my bodywork is to give you the opportunity to receive 100%. I am the giver and you are the receiver, you accept my gift of touch to you. But throughout the journey, receiving includes the revolutionary possibility of you touching me, for your own exclusive pleasure, not mine. You can see it as taking a gift of touch from me. I cannot imagine a sensually or sexually empowered Goddess that is not allowed to touch the bodyworker for her own exploration, pleasure and healing. My experience tells me that receiving by touching in this one-way direction is indeed very liberating and healing, in particular for women that have been mistreated by men or that were never given the chance or the choice to fully touch their partners for their own fulfilment. In sum, whether receiving by being touched or by touching, this is an almighty 2-way freeway to being in touch with your inner Goddess and to at heart give you a reason to be a Woman.

My heart-centred offering to you is definitely neither a goal orientated sexual service nor a means of me projecting or engaging my own sexual energy onto you. My commitment to you is to touch and massage your body with deep consciousness and respect, in total honour to your beauty, sacred sexuality and Divine Feminine, without any expectations, targets or judgments other than for the bodywork to work for you as a self-nourishing and self-loving process in your journey.


What Qualities are in Play?


Nadja, Shop Assistant, 32

The bodywork session will massively rely on you to relax profoundly and to breathe slowly and deeply in order to be fully present in your body, to feel absolutely safe and receptive to my sacred touch and thus fully surrender to the intrinsic flow and magnetism of our Divine Feminine/Divine Masculine polarity. Again, from my experience I believe that polarity plays a key role in any process of pouring self-acceptance, facilitated by the loving presence, empathy and appreciation of another person. Not anybody, but someone whom embodies the qualities through which we want to embrace, heal and love ourselves.


Sylvia Plath

In case you have been hurt by a man, would you generously and courageously trust my clear, respectful, secure and loving Masculine intention, so it may help you heal your wounded Feminine through a flowingly soft blossoming? It might be difficult for you to be able to tell if you're open and ready to work with a male bodyworker as myself at this level of intimacy. If so, why not experience with a female bodyworker and observe by yourself? Alternatively, do come for a Mindful Embodiment session.


The Goddess Honouring Experience isn't based on role play or fantasy, it is rooted in your Authentic Embodied Self. It is physical bodywork driven by feelings of trust, protection, admiration and honouring, and in permanent respect of our physical and emotional boundaries.



How Much Time Do You Gift Yoursef?


W.L. Wittgenstein

The Goddess Honouring Experience is much about you slowing down into being present and taking notice. The more you stay present in your physical body the more you let yourself go inside your emotional body and pay close attention to your physical sensations, emotions or thoughts, and the more you deep flow into a self-regulating process of clarity, harmony and tranquillity. It's a dimension of acquired and acute focus where you are an awakened witness of your total beingness.


Søren Kierkegaard

Furthermore, going slow enables you to feel more and to feel more pleasure; going slow empowers you to set the pace and ride the waves of pleasure at your own natural rhythms. It's a state of total beingness that actually needs to be given real time to unfold and express itself. My sessions are usually very long to allow you to experience the lost quality of timelessness and its long lasting beneficial effects. I don't see it as a luxury but as your Goddess given birthright to blossom within your own time and within your own everlasting love.


The Goddess Honouring Experience is offered in three different time slots:


  • By-the-hour Session*: £90


  • Half-day (up to 4-hour session): £300


  • Full-day (up to 8-hour session): £500


*Minimum of two hours required. A 20% discount will apply if three bookings are made within twelve weeks. This discount will only be applied when the third session takes place.


For outcalls please add a £50 fee. Please contact me for details.


Concessions are available if you cannot afford the above fees. Please contact me for details.

To book a session a 50% deposit is required alongside you agreeing to The Goddess Honouring Experience terms that will be sent to you by e-mail. Payments are made either by cash, bank transfer to my account, cheque or PayPal. Paypal is the only way you can pay by credit card but the transaction fees will be passed onto to you. If you book a session and cancel it within 48 hours of the session date I reserve the right to keep the 50% deposit.

The session includes telephone and e-mail aftercare support depending on your needs and to be agreed with you at the end of the session.

Please feel free to contact me for any queries about The Goddess Honouring Experience either by telephone, by e-mail or by using the e-mail Contact form. I so much look forward to honouring the Goddess within you!

Tânia Gallindo, Craniosacral Therapist esp. in Women's Sexual Health