The driving force of a Sacred Intimacy bodywork session is based on body-mind experiencing. It's not so much about technique or the modalities used in the session as it is to create a contained and safe holding space structured upon the ongoing boundaries agreement between you and I, the bodywork practitioner, in that you are always in choice of what happens in the session. For example, the choice on whether or not you decide to remain clothed and the choice where you are touched in your body are completely under your control at all times.


Integrated Sensual Awakening & Sexual Healing


Katherine, Journalist, 36
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The bodywork session setting follows on the Tantra core principles of the Goddess and honouring of her Divine Feminine, of Sacred Sexuality and of Spiritual Awakening. In practical terms it is translated through the Tantric Temple sacred space in which the session takes place, through a Goddess Honouring tantric ritual offering and through the invitation of Tantra Massage based bodywork: a powerful and beautifully intimate full-body massage in which a dynamic dance between apparent opposite polarities — Feminine and Masculine; Yin and Yang; Relaxation and Stimulation — is called upon. In sum, it’s about me being able to give your body a sensual or sexual energy expansion experience and hence creating you space that may allow you to enter into a state of healing or of bliss.


Alexandra, Massage Therapist, 32

What I aim to give you is a connecting, loving presence, and a pleasurable, nourishing experience. Although it isn't about having an intense sexual experience, if there’s an intention or a want of your body to have an orgasmic experience, then the bodywork will be guided towards this desire as an exploration, but really without an expectation for an outcome, just an underlying intention free of any judgment. In Tantra it's about harnessing the energy within the body rather than to release it out of the body. It's about discovering new beginnings and new possibilities within the journey of sensual or sexual pleasure than to focus oneself to find an ending, even if it turns out to be a very happy ending.


Agnes, 34


The primary by-product of a Tantra massage is usually of an incredibly healing nature. This is especially the case in sexual healing when massaging the Yoni (the Sanskrit word for vagina). Yoni Healing Massage as well as the massage of other intimate parts of the body can plausibly help to release past sexual and/or emotional traumas. Painful emotions, memories or sensations may arise during the massage but it is up to you to decide if you want to very gently work with them, not through enduring anything, but by surrendering into deeper levels of vulnerability and by releasing these locked feelings in the body. It is absolutely essential that you acknowledge that it isn’t the massage or the bodyworker that are the source of the pain or discomfort caused by a past or current trauma, but instead it is the practitioner’s loving touch that is re-enacting and bringing it into the light so you may allow yourself to go through a process of self-acceptance, self-love and self-healing. On this exact note, it isn’t I that is healing you but rather I as the bodyworker that is fully supporting your healing journey.


Beverliy, Sacred Sexuality Coach, 49

The backbone blend of modalities typically included in a Sacred Intimacy bodywork session are: Body-Mind Experiencing, Breathwork, Voicework, Self-discovery Mindfulness, Open and Heart-centred Connection and Communication, Amma Fusion massage, Trigger Point therapy, Myofascial Release bodywork, Tantra/Taoist Healing massage and Loving & Embodied Touch.

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